Welcome to Green Collar Chicago

Welcome to Green Collar Chicago.  This blog is intended to provide resources, tips, and news pertaining to jobs and careers in the green economy.

Brought to you by the following Corporate Partners and Individual Donors:

Window Concepts – Profession window replacement contractors serving Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, and Waukesha with energy efficient and green window installations.

The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee – Emerge as a leader, critical thinker and professional from one of the nation’s top public universities. You’ll work alongside professors in laboratories and learn from them in lecture halls.

Renew Wisconsin – RENEW Wisconsin is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a stronger, healthier, more vibrant Wisconsin through the advancement of renewable energy. We work on policies and programs that support solar power, wind power, biogas, local hydropower, and geothermal energy.

Illinois University – We will build upon the current campus priorities detailed in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Strategic Plan 2013-2016. These elements include our mission, vision, principles and areas of distinction. While the overarching goals for our campus are broad and timeless, the campus will engage in a comprehensive review to update the underlying goals and initiatives outlined in the past plan.

Individual Donors:

  • Maria M. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Ramona T. of Kenosha, Wisconsin
  • Calvin Y. of Racine, Wisconsin
  • David H. of Chicago, Illinois
  • James R. of Chicago, Illinois

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