Part 3 Follow the Future

One of the most sure fire ways to identify potential growth in green jobs is to identify where investments are being made today. This productive strategy can lead to the development of new companies and subsidiaries which will need staffing.

Tips for Finding Green Jobs

Specific ways to do this are as follows:

  • Private sector investment tracking – Many venture capital, private equity, and privately held companies make significant investments into the green sector. Many of these are announced to the public well in advance. The recipients or partners of these companies may need to bolster their workforce to make up for the increased demand for their products.
  • Public sector investment tracking – Similar to what is happening in the private sector, public companies invest in green initiatives as well. The information required by public companies may outline the exact spend and partners making your effort easier.

2.) Follow the Law

Another method to identify potential future green jobs is to identify federal, state, or local legislative, judicial, or regulatory changes that impact the green economic sector.

3.) Follow the Startups

New enterprises can be a source for potential future job opportunities.  Some strategies for identifying these are:

  • Green and Social Venture Business Plan Competitions.  These programs are organized by business schools and other organizations and are generally geared to ventures that are at an early stage in their development. Job seekers can review the list of entrants and winners of these competitions as potential future sources of jobs.  In addition, job seekers may consider entering a competition or joining the team of an entrant (some of these competitions offer mixers to facilitate team recruitment).  
  • Green and Social Entrepreneurship Awards and Fellowships.  These program vary and include cash prizes for one-time contests, seed funding for new ventures, and later-stage funding for existing organizations.  As with business plan competitions, job seekers can review the list of winners of these programs as potential future sources of jobs.

We hope this information is useful in your job search and we welcome your feedback on this series.