Part 2 Networking

Tips for Networking Your Way Into Green Jobs

According to EDF, the majority of new green jobs comes from companies with 10 employees or less. For this reason, many people who end up getting jobs don’t come from traditional channels such as online job boards, but rather are found because they know the company. In many instances, employers may not publish an opportunity on all the different online job platforms because they do not have the infrastructure and HR resource available.

The second article in this three part series will focus on building a network in the green job industry in order to get your foot in the door and learn the key industry players in your area.

1.) Go Direct

Some companies may publish job listings on their website, but not necessarily conduct additional external recruitment for candidates.  To access these opportunities job seekers should identify companies they would be interested in working for and review the Jobs or Careers section of their website for potential jobs. Strategies to identify companies include:

  • Reviewing membership lists or other resources from relevant industry associations.  For example, the American Solar Energy Society provides this list of employers.  
  • Reviewing the list of exhibitors or presenters at industry conferences. For example, MREA had hundreds of businesses and thousands of visitors and members present at their 2018 fair
  • Reviewing relevant industry publications. These publications may contain news stories mentioning potential employers.  Examining the companies who advertise in such publications may also generate valuable leads.

2.) Networking

Networking is a valuable tool for both job seekers and job posters to teach and learn about job opportunities. There are many strategies and approaches for networking including:

  • Attending events hosted by organizations
  • Attend or participate in a local chapter of a national organization
  • Attend programs or conferences
  • Attend and interact with vendors at product expos
  • Connect with businesses and individuals on LinkedIn

Due to the importance of networking, it’s recommended to reach out to potential companies and applicants through all the methods above. If you have any other ways that we have missed, please contact us.

3.) Online Social Media

As social media continues to penetrate the lives of users, there has always been an increasing amount of importance to reaching out to companies and individuals online. Perhaps the most well known network for professionals is LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides a job posting board where positions can be posted and applied for in a single source. Social media is an increasingly important network to branch out and contact both individuals and corporations.

4.) E-mail Lists

There are dozens of industry specific e-mail lists which communicate and distribute available job postings. The majority of these e-mail lists allow the job seekers to join and charge the companies posting.

5.) Recruiters

Recruiters, or headhunters, are playing an increased role in placing candidates with companies. A number of these for profit organizations will post positions which have been communicated to them and will put you in contact with the company if they believe you will be a good fit.

6.) Membership Organizations

There are also several professional and industrial associations or membership-based organizations which can and do offer job openings for their members. For example, MREA, has annual fairs to showcase their business members and advertises the open positions at their member companies.