Part 1 Job Boards

Tips for Finding Green Jobs

One method to identify green jobs is to review a popular source of job postings – online job boards.  In reviewing job boards, it may be helpful to think about them in two categories:

1.) General job boards

General boards are well known and well advertised forums which cover most industries and sectors, including green jobs. Some of the more well known general job board websites include:

  • Indeed
  • CareerBuilder
  • Monster
  • LinkedIn

While these will normally include green jobs and sectors, it may be difficult to search and refine your careers taste on these types of websites.

2.) Green job boards

If you are like the millions of Americans search or expanding their career in environmentally or socially responsible companies, a more specific job board may provide you with easier to find options. Boards such as and are organizations focused on green careers and future outlooks. Additionally, job boards such as the American Wind Energy Association are posted for industry specifics such as green jobs in wind generated power.

There are several organizations which post directories and summaries of job boards such as the Green Jobs network, which can be used as a jumping off point for job seekers.  

As any job seeker knows, it’s not always about finding and applying for jobs, it’s also about building an influence sphere through industry specific connections. The second part of this three part article will focus on building green industry specific connections.